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Parents’ Ultimate Guide To Tik Tok


Parent are very curious to know if the tik tok application is safe. I have suggested some of the most important points that parents can refer to judge whether it would be safe for their kids to utilize the app or not.

Most of the parents nowadays are in a dilemma that why are their kids so obsessed with this new musical application.

Tik Tok is basically a social networking application that lets you create, watch and share videos with a click. With this app, users can create videos by lip-synching to their favorite and most popular tracks that are in trend. Nowadays, people are making use of tripods to upload their dance and comedy videos. You can also collaborate with other tik tok users and make your content even more interesting to watch.


Is Tik Tok safe to use?

Every social media platform has its own risks and benefits. You can supervise your kids and ensure safe usage of the application. When your child creates an account on tik tok, his account would be public by default. You need to make it private so that only the friends of your child can see the videos uploaded by him. If this thing is not done, anyone across the globe would be able to watch videos, message, like and comment on it!


How does it work?


The users of tik tok can sign up to tik tok either with their email address, phone number, Instagram or Facebook account. Once you have successfully logged in to your account, you can search the popular tracks, users, hashtags etc to search for videos in the app.


Is Tik Tok suitable for kids?

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Some users posts videos on Tik Tok that are not appropriate to be watched by kids. Ensure that your kids only search for videos they are familiar to. This will create a great experience for your kids that they will cherish for a long time. You can buy tik tok fans so as to level up the confidence of your child.


What age is Tik Tok advised to be used?


A minimum age of 18 years is recommended to be appropriate to use the Tik Tok app. If you have a younger kid at home who is interested in making videos on tik tok, all you can do is to have his videos created by your account under your supervision.

This was the Parents’ ultimate guide to Tik Tok. Hope that the points listed here are significant to eradicate child abuse and harassment via social media.