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7 Reasons You Should Start Wearing A Watch

7- Reasons -You- Should -Start -Wearing -A- Watch

If we look back in time, watches were not worn on wrist but as the name pocket watch suggests, they were suspended out from the front pocket. As it was clumsy to have a pocket watch every time and the need of watch was understood to be vital in keeping the proper track of time, wrist watch was invented and soon it became a basic necessity that everyone needed. But lately with the access of smartphones, people have started to avoid wearing a watch.

The most common responses that we get to hear is that, why to wear a watch when we can get to know the time anytime we feel the need. Well indisputably smartphones have made the lives easier than ever before. But watches have its own share of roles in the background as well as in the forefront of the human advancement.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should start wearing watch again right way-

1# Handiness of watches

Watches provide convenience in the way no other gadget provide, checking time takes less than a second when checked on watch. While some may argue that we can do the same with smartphones also. But here is the catch, 8 out of 10 times you end up checking and scrolling through your whole phone when you go for just checking time.

#2 Low maintenance

So far a simple mechanical watch is considered, it requires almost zero maintenance. Unlike smartphones which run out of juice by the end of the day, watches need battery replacement once every 3 odd years.

#3 Style statement

Swiss replica watch
Swiss replica watch

Watches are one of the most stylish accessories ever. Over the time we have witnessed evolution of some of the most premium brands, but they also comes with a hefty price tag which is perceived as unreasonable by the majority. But the growth of watch industry has improved the feasibility and accessibility of premium watches. We are now even able to purchase Swiss replica watches in the market, which was earlier availed only by affluent.

#4 Smart features

Here comes the boon for smartphone enthusiasts. Smart watches are the new big wave in the watch industry because of the features it offers on the go. Be it tracking your calorie burn count, heart rate, emails, text messages or even calls, smart watches got it all.

#5 A memento

Watch enthusiasts are emotionally attached with their watch. So it can also be considered as a significant heirloom, which can be passed through generations as a souvenir.


Along with above mentioned things, the best merit watches provides is that they make us more aware in regards of time and eventually we value it more. So stop procrastinating and put on watch right away.