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Guideline To Protect Yourself From Fraud And Scammers


Fraud can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere irrespective of their age or income. Very often we do receive fraudulent calls, emails and text messages offering something exciting which forces us to respond. Although a large part of the population all over the world get engage over the internet still these kinds of cheater and scammers succeed in accomplishing their plans. People can avoid becoming a victim with fundamental knowledge and proper use of social media.


What to do?


Hang up the phone while receiving fake calls

Most of the victims of fraud gets webbed through phone calls, where they have been promised for a huge amount of money or exciting prizes. In return, they need to give the bank details, personal information and Proof of identification. It’s quite simple to get rid of scam, immediately hanging up the phone and add their contact in the block list.


Avoid making payments through wire transfer


It’s hard to recover the money if once paid through the mode of wire transfer. Among a lot of cases, people paid the some sort of amount directly in the account of a specific person (scammer) and later they came to know about being cheated. In case of an emergency, money transfer through net banking can be a better yet safe mode as one got a main as a proof on their registered number.


Be a part of online community

It’s not a big task to find out websites set up by people who ever have faced such scams with the intention to make people aware in order to get rid of fraudulent, adulteration and cybercrime going on in the society. Such sites also accept online consumer complaints and make all possible efforts for their justice.


Keep the personal information confidential


It would really cost you sharing the personal or bank account details information over phone calls, internet or emails unless you are aware of the person to whom you’re dealing with. Don’t include information like credit card details in regular or enter into an uninterrupted website because the information won’t remain secure anymore.

Online Consumer Complaints

Even if taking into points, you got webbed, report it. Regrettably, all the victim can’t get justice but it’s a great means of teaching lessons to the people out there who still are looking for such factual information. Depending on the circumstances and type of profit, people need to notify related organization to stop the fraud.