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An Ultimate Guide To Lung Cancer Compensation Claims


In today’s world, the whole world has been experiencing a lot of cases more or less belonging to lung cancer. Almost in ninety percent of cases, lung cancer is preventable. In major cases, the causes of lung cancer are found to be medical negligence and unnecessary disclosure to Carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) at the workplace. When a person develops cancer because of the employer’s negligence, then he/she can claim for compensation. In some condition, people face difficulties while getting compensation, therefore, opting for legal help from a lawyer’s mesothelioma, make the whole process strategic enough to receive a proper amount of compensation on time. This article covers the important aspects of making a lung cancer claim successful.


Who can claim?

If you have been suffering from lung cancer since last three years that too which is caused due to your workplace’s circumstances or employer’s negligence, the company is liable to pay a certain amount as compensation.


Employment lung cancer claims

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As per the results of cancer research organization, twenty percent of males and five percent of females are supposed to get lung cancer exposure due to occupational negligence.

In most of the cases, the employer becomes liable when the below-mentioned terms are proved:-

  • Exposure of cancer-causing agents (Carcinogens) at a workplace.
  • Employer’s negligence that results in inessential exposure.

Lung cancer and medical negligence

Medical professionals are the person who is responsible for serving patients with the best possible care. Their negligence might result in serious health diseases including lung cancer and many other lungs related diseases. In such a case, the patient has the right to claim for lung cancer compensation. Cancer must be treated on time hence, it requires a prompt diagnosis to prevent diseases from spreading in other areas of the body, which causes a delay in the necessary treatment to cut down the chances of patient’s recovery, these delays are often termed as a misdiagnosis. A claim probably includes common types of misdiagnosis, such as:-

  • Unable to refer a patient to a lung cancer specialist.
  • Failure in arranging mandatory tests right after the symptoms of cancer examined.
  • Lack of biopsy scheduling.
  • Unable to act on the result that arises from a biopsy.
  • Delay in arranging appropriate cancer treatments.



These are some of the simple known factors which are to be considered while applying for the Lung cancer compensation claims. As most of the people face tons of difficulties while receiving compensation, therefore the above mentioned are some of the things which you need to consider beforehand for making your lung cancer claim successful.