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What Is The Importance of Seed Saving?

What- Is- The- Importance -of -Seed -Saving?

Have you ever thought of cultivating your own food items? The prices of food items are growing more and more which shows that we humans may have to face the problems of food shortage in the future. Instead of depending on groceries and shop we humans should cultivate more food for the survival of our human kid. A disaster can come at any time, when no groceries shop will be open for you, even if you have money with you at that time you cannot be able to buy food to protect yourself and your family from the starvation. If you want to secure you and your family from the shortage of food in the future then you should start saving seed or get survival seeds for cultivating enough food.

Heirlooms from the generation

Long before the present agriculture setup was developed, ancestors of our kind have been growing food for ages. While they save the remaining seeds for the further cultivation of food for the future. Those heirloom seeds have been passed on to the generation after generation like a tradition. But now with the invention of the technology of science, our humankind is also able to produce some hybrid varieties as well. However, food crops of heirloom seeds are having more nutritious value and are rich in flavor than hybrid ones.

Seed Saving


We, humans, have the great connection with the earth which also connects us with the plant kingdom also. For a long time of our human history, we have been depending on plants for our food, tools, medicine etc. Even if we grow ourselves technology wise stronger, but we still need the flora and fauna of the environment for the survival of our kind.

Food Security

If we are considering the security of our food in the future. Then we need to start saving the crops and seeds which are the main sources of our food. Heirlooms seeds have gone through enough experience of the environment which can sustain the varieties of climatic effects. By saving the survival seeds, for now, we can be able to secure our source of food resources in the future.

Source of seeds

Survival Seeds
Survival Seeds

Even though it has been seen that hybrid seeds give more productivity. The nutritious content and the taste of the fruits of hybrid plants are not compared to the plants grown from heirloom seeds. The best source of seed are farmers who have cultivated the heirlooms seeds generation after generation.

The points which have shown here tells us the fact about the importance of saving seeds. Without enough seed, we cannot be able to produce more food and we may have to face the shortage of food in the near future.