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4 Best Tips For Having Humor With Friends


The best way to increase the friend circle of yours is to bring more humor. People like to laugh and they also like the people who can make them laugh. Nowadays most of the people are busy with their work. They cannot be able to get enough time to have fun in their life. But socializing is not a difficult task, as you can easily find people in your workplace also who can talk to you in a friendly way. Of course, that does not mean that you can talk in your working hours while you can have a chit chat in your break hours.

Here are shown some tips which might help you to become the favorite persons in your social group.

Be light-hearted person

While you are good at making jokes on others, you need to be ready to face a joke on yourself also. It is a sign of a light-hearted person that he/she can be able to laugh on the joke about their self also. While you should also consider the feeling of others when you are joking with them.

Joke with your own expense

You should not expose others to problems because of your silly jokes. While it is better to use your own expense for humor. There is a chance that just because of a joke of yours, you can unintentionally hurt the feelings of others. Instead of using others for your joke, you can also spend on Fake ID purchase where you can get a duplicate license, even if you don’t know how to drive. While you can be able to make fool of your friends by telling them that you can drive also.

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Act like the real, don’t force it

You need to bring something new which your friends haven’t faced yet. As you can be easily caught for your silly punch-line. Instead of forcing others to believe you, you need to act casually and bluff your jokes like a pro. If you are able to do so, then it will be the quite easy for you to pull out a prank with your friends.

Give your friend a surprise

You can act that you have forgot about their special occasion in the life of your friend, while you can give them surprise gift at the final moment to bring them more happiness.

These are some tricks using which you can pull out jokes with your friends. This will help you to bring more happiness and joy in your social friend circle.