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Smartphone Buying Guide 2018


Purchasing a smartphone can be a dubious activity in case you don’t know much about the innovation, cost, and accessibility of brands and their handsets. While a few people wind up purchasing a handset with unacceptable highlights, others feel swindled with the overrated MRP at which a portion of the retail locations keep on selling the handset regardless of whether there is any value drop or rebate choice.

Here are a couple of things to be taken into consideration before purchasing a fresh out of the box smartphone.




Product Comparison



A standout amongst the most essential point while purchasing a smartphone is thinking about the operating system or platforms they are functioning. There are 3 noteworthy platforms well known all around the globe. They are android, iOS and Windows. Most of the people used to prefer android phones these days as they work well and is also affordable to everyone. There are also persons who like iOS more as it provides themselves with a rich and elegant look!





Picking a brand is an imperative step in deciding the mobile phone to be purchased. There is a wide range of brands currently available on the market. Know their reputation and decide which one to opt for!


Know your budget



First of all, you need to specify your budget and know what smartphones fall into your budget. Smartphones are available in a wide range. Features and functionalities may vary depending upon the range and brand. Doing the product comparison will help you select the best smartphone in your budget!


Battery life



This is one of the most important features one should look for while buying a smartphone. Smartphones with a poor battery life need to be charged over and over in a day. Choose a phone with a great battery life so that it could be operated for 1-2 days without charging.


Service centers



What people do when their phone does not work well? Look for the nearest service center? Isn’t it? Choose a phone brand whose service centers are readily available in your location so that all of your queries get solved instantly.


Online vs retail stores



Now that you have made up your mind on a cell phone, you might be in a dilemma whether to buy it online or from a land-based retail store! Usually, the retail stores keep selling their products on the marked price even when there is a price drop. I would recommend you to choose a reliable site and make the purchase at the best possible prices as the online retailers provide great discounts to their customers occasionally.

This was a concise smartphone buying guide. Do read the blog carefully before making the purchase of a smartphone.