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Tips To Protect Your Business from Money Laundering

This process of Money laundering is commonly known as the process of covering the money which is achieved inordinately and is passed through some of the complex sequences on the commercial or bank-based transfers.  Usually, the small scale business is affected by the money laundering schemes. Criminals like, Ilan Tzorya generally prefers to target this business as these kinds of small scale industries usually have a lack of experience as well as knowledge about the dangers which are associated with these types of transactions. If you are also worried about getting scammed in a similar way, then in order to save yourself, here are some of the simple tips to get rid of money laundering.

Know Your Customers

Small business usually deals with a large number of cash-based transactions, which is usually very risky. These usually include restaurant cash sales, equipment required in the business, and many more. Hence, check whether your customers are completing the transactions or are there any unusual thing which is involved.

For the large scale money transfers, you should make sure to document the source of cash and also understand who all your investors are. Keep a check on all kinds of investments as there are some of the business owners, who feel very excited while they come across a profitable deal and overlook the situations which are associated with it.  Hence, save yourself and your businesses from these types of frauds.

Ilan Tzorya
Ilan Tzorya

Be careful with Credit Cards

Nowadays, the use of these credit cards is really very common. People use it for shopping, in restaurants and many different places. There are few people who use these cards to save the illegal money. If in case you find any customer coming to your place to have business with these kinds of cards, then you can easily report the issue with the concerned authorities.

Create an anti-money laundering culture

You could make your employees educate regarding the money laundering techniques or else you can also take a more dedicated role by implementing the anti-money laundering policies and appointing a person who creates some policies, provides special education based programs, arrange money management programs and monitor the latest deals, to check out about the suspicious and risky situations.

Hence, this activity of money laundering is considered to be very risky for all businesses. Thus, check out the above-mentioned tips and make sure to protect your business from these money laundering activities.


Guideline To Protect Yourself From Fraud And Scammers

Fraud can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere irrespective of their age or income. Very often we do receive fraudulent calls, emails and text messages offering something exciting which forces us to respond. Although a large part of the population all over the world get engage over the internet still these kinds of cheater and scammers succeed in accomplishing their plans. People can avoid becoming a victim with fundamental knowledge and proper use of social media.


What to do?


Hang up the phone while receiving fake calls

Most of the victims of fraud gets webbed through phone calls, where they have been promised for a huge amount of money or exciting prizes. In return, they need to give the bank details, personal information and Proof of identification. It’s quite simple to get rid of scam, immediately hanging up the phone and add their contact in the block list.


Avoid making payments through wire transfer


It’s hard to recover the money if once paid through the mode of wire transfer. Among a lot of cases, people paid the some sort of amount directly in the account of a specific person (scammer) and later they came to know about being cheated. In case of an emergency, money transfer through net banking can be a better yet safe mode as one got a main as a proof on their registered number.


Be a part of online community

It’s not a big task to find out websites set up by people who ever have faced such scams with the intention to make people aware in order to get rid of fraudulent, adulteration and cybercrime going on in the society. Such sites also accept online consumer complaints and make all possible efforts for their justice.


Keep the personal information confidential


It would really cost you sharing the personal or bank account details information over phone calls, internet or emails unless you are aware of the person to whom you’re dealing with. Don’t include information like credit card details in regular or enter into an uninterrupted website because the information won’t remain secure anymore.

Online Consumer Complaints

Even if taking into points, you got webbed, report it. Regrettably, all the victim can’t get justice but it’s a great means of teaching lessons to the people out there who still are looking for such factual information. Depending on the circumstances and type of profit, people need to notify related organization to stop the fraud.


Online Scams From Which You Should Be Aware

There are many scam sites available online which will encourage you to take their deals, but in the end, you will get nothing from such deals. You might have seen those sites which promise you to provide you with their best services. Many people cannot be able to understand the reality of such sites as they also have fake DMCA report of their site. People invest on such sites but cannot be able to get services which they have promised from such sites. The Internet is filled with such kinds of scamming sites and if you want to get yourself secured from such fake sites then you should be aware of certain things which are shown here.


Scammer feed of the clues and hint with your Information


Usually, scammers target those people about whom they have some information. While you should never give your personal information on such sites. Be aware of the online eavesdropping of your activities. The more information they will have about you, the more will be the chances of you becoming the victim for the scammers who want to hook you up in their scams.


Wrong address location




Most of the online frauds do share the wrong address information about themselves. For example, if you are receiving a mail which offers you a good job or any special offer, you should inquire about the location of their office and check if they are telling you the truth or not.


Be aware of Job hookers


There are many online sites which may promise you job while they will ask for advance payment. Such cases of fraud are very common with the people of small town and villages. The job seekers cannot be able to understand the scam-full theme setup and lose their money on such sites.


Online dating sites scams


fake DMCA


There are numbers of online dating sites where you can create your profile. While there are many online sites which are not genuine. You will see the pictures of attractive people. But remember they can be fake also. There are many scams like this happens, where people receive seductive phone calls and emails which ask them to pay before the real meeting with your date.


Even if you are aware of the situation, there is still a chance that you would fall for such tricks. While you should check each and every detail of such online site before making a real deal with them.