Ways To Set Up An Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

Ways- To- Set -Up- An- Effective- Facebook -Ad- Campaign

Since Facebook is considered to be one of the popular and massively populated platforms, people prioritize it while looking to set up their ad campaign on Facebook. Are you still wondering how to set up a successful Facebook ad campaign? There is nothing complicated as you just need to consider some fundamentals of Facebook advertising in order to avoid errors that saves both your valuable time and money.

In this article, you will come upon some approach for creating an effective, profitable advertising campaign for your business.

Choose a campaign that matches your goal

By campaign, it means that you have to choose an objective based on your further goals. This objective defines a particular action that you want the user to perform when they go through your ads. Facebook objectives have been categorized into three sections such as:-

  • Awareness

      This category is again sub-categorized into brand awareness, local awareness and reach.

  • Consideration

    This has been divided into bringing more traffic to a website, more app installs, lead generation, increased engagement rate, and video views.

  • Conversion

This category has been sub-categorized into better sales of product catalog and store visits.

Here, whatever the objective you choose, must relate your ad strategy. For instance, if you’d like to begin with a content strategy, then, video views are known to be better enough alternative.

Define your targeted audience

Targeting is the mandatory element that helps you a lot setting up a successful ad campaign over Facebook. The simple and quick way of targeting your potential audience is switching to interest and demographic method. Among demographic targeting what lies is age, gender, location, and language. After that, you can even narrow down your audience by using detailed targeting option.

Actually, there is no limit or rule for how wide your targeted audience could be, therefore, you can get best results by mechanizing both interest and demographic based targeting. In order to check the reliability of your ads, you can find out your Facebook relevance score going through some simple steps.

Frame and test your creation

This is the last stage of setting up your ad campaign. Make sure to create ads keeping in mind the fact that your targeted audience will see them. This is the moment when you decide an ad format comprises of images, video, texts, informative URLs as well as a call-to-action button.

How your Facebook ads will look like, depends on the strategy, objective and format of ads that you have decided while beginning. No matter what objective your ads have, Facebook offers five ad formats such as carousel ads, single image, slide show, canvas and slideshow ads. Based on your priority and convenience, you can choose one and continue making efforts to set up a winning ad campaign.