Top 4 Ways to Automate Your Pinterest Marketing


Even though marketers are not so much interested in Pinterest marketing. However, with the rise in the number of Pinterest users, it is becoming a dominant platform for advertising purpose. Now ignoring Pinterest is no longer an option while it may not be as influential as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. However, if you are looking for targeted marketing, the mixture of Pinterest can be a better resource for your business.

If you are using Pinterest for marketing, then you might want to automate your strategy to save your efforts and time. Using the best Pinterest automation software, you can analyse the ad content and enhance their quality. It would help you to attract more audience to your adverts.

Here are shown some tips to automate your Pinterest adverts:

Auto Follow:

To attract the attention of Pinterest users, you may try to follow other people on Pinterest. As there is likely a chance that you would also get followers in return. There are software and tools which can help you to automate your Pinterest to follow more and more people. You can also auto-pin and auto-comment on the content of others, which might help you to attract attention to your own content as well.

Image Pinner:

You can add the button of your Pinterest on your website or blog site. That way every single image on your blogs or website contains the “Pin it” button. It would keep the attention of viewers while you would also get more Pins on your images.

Schedule Pins:

Instead of adding Pins every day on your Pinterest profile, which can be very time taking task, you can make use of scheduler tools. Just like on Facebook and Twitter posting, you can also schedule your Pins on Pinterest. You can create an album of pins and based on your marketing strategy you can schedule your pins (like a pin per day).

best Pinterest automation software

Analyze Pins of others

There are tools, using which you can analyze the performance of your competitor’s pins. Based on your niche, you can search for the content of others. That way you would be able to get more ideas for your own advert campaigns.

By following the above shown strategies, you can automate your Pinterest account. Since with the usage of automation, it has become easier to run a marketing campaign on social media channels. Pinterest is also one of the leading social media. While automating your Pinterest can help you to get better exposure for your brand products.