Month: February 2019


3 Top Instagram Rules You Need To Know

It’s time to confront something guys. Have you ever go through the terms and policies of Instagram? Speak the truth!!! I guess many of you don’t ever glance at the rules and regulations of this famous social media platform. Right!! This careless habit of yours could harm you in a biggish way. It’s not the right attitude to use any social media platform.

Ig Tools
Ig Tools

We have to get familiar with the rules and policies of the platform. We should know about the do’s and don’ts of Instagram. If you still don’t know what is legal on Insta and what is banned then we’re here for you guys. In this article, we are going to reveal all the things that can make you look alike suspicious over Instagram. So let’s proceed!!!

Don’t ever use banned Hashtag:

This is one of the most important rules that you have to keep in mind while posting and using any Instagram attribute. Using banned hashtags on Instagram can permanently block your account. And then you could not do anything for this instead of feeling guilty. So it’s high time people become serious and concern about the use of hashtags. I know, there are some incredible benefits of using hashtags on Instagram. But in the desire to get the good number of followers, won’t ever use hashtags that are prohibited on the platform.

Don’t directly use third-party app application:

Instagram is completely based on the closed API. So, it won’t allow any third party application on its platform directly. There are some official partners of Instagram like Facebook which you can use without hesitation but they are quite a few in number. You have to check it out every application before posting on Instagram whether they are allowed to use on it or not. Else, could come under the negative radar of Instagram.

Don’t follow, post, like, and comment so much:

I know that nowadays most of the Instagram business accounts make use of Ig Tools. That’s completely fine but making use of them too much can build a huge problem for you. So be aware!!! Too much following, posting, liking, commenting, any many more could make your Instagram account blocked and can create a bad impression for your business.

There are some statistics that you should know. So, you won’t get banned by Instagram. Take a look!

    • Following and unfollowing 60 people in an hour is inappropriate.
    • Liking above 300 posts in an hour can block your Instagram account.
    • Posting of 60 comments in an hour is against Instagram policies.

These are the top three Instagram rules that you have to know. So, you could use Instagram like completely professionally and would not come across any hassle…


3 Reasons You Should Start Advertising On Facebook In 2019

Since we are aware of the term Advertisement is a kind of investment but not waste, businesses nowadays make all possible efforts to make effective promotion and their priority have ultimately become social media marketing.

Business admits that Facebook ads are among the top of social media strategy. Actually, most of them are tired of facing loss-making attempts through organic reach, therefore, they all admire Facebook ad guidelines as an intention to reach their targeted audience on time. Though it sounds weird still there are so many businesses exists who are unaware of the perks of advertising on Facebook. This article aims at finding out proven reasons that push businesses switching to this wide advertising platform and achieve their further business goals.

Massive audience over Facebook

The population over Facebook can form the third largest country after China and India. Making promotion among such massive audience increases the probability of generating better leads and adding new customers to our existing chain. On an average a person spends 40 minutes per day on this platform, you will find a lot of people out of your targeted audience who are might show their interest in your product when described through attractive ads

Advertising on Facebook is highly effective

Facebook ad guidelines
Facebook ad guidelines

Almost 90% of social media marketers acknowledge Facebook as one of the most effective advertising platforms. Over the years, social media marketing has turned out into a strategic social media marketing channel where Facebook and Instagram plays a vital role. On both the platforms advertisement is free as well as partially chargeable, still, they help businesses (whether small or big organization) make effective promotion.

Simple set-up with proven results

The best part about Facebook is that you don’t need to go through a complicated process while designing ads, also high funding is not needed. Maybe this the reason for hundreds of million businesses representing their products or services. Apart from convenience and budget, time is the ultimate factor for the endless popularity of Facebook advertising. Following some of the quick steps, you can easily set up your ad campaign thus gain competitive success.

Reasons for switching to Facebook advertising can’t be wrapped in a single article as they are enormous. For businesses, advertising on this platform helps to reach their targeted audience, securing the identity of an established organization as well as increasing brand awareness. Hope this much pieces of stuff would be helpful for you to get some idea before deciding a platform for promotion.