What Are Some Of The Important Tips For Writing And Posting The Articles In 2018?


If you are running an online business than content is the key, my friend. A good content can make you and bad content can break you. Whatever you are doing online don’t take the content creation lightly. Articles are one of the best content types which people use to drive traffic to their sites.

When I started blogging I had no idea what keywords are and what is SEO? Or other similar things. All I was doing is writing my heart out and describing my feelings. For a few weeks, it was okay but when I used free SEO tools to optimize my site I realized that it is lacking many things. After improving my SEO skills there is a tremendous change in my site rankings.

Here I will share with you some easy tips which you can use and make your content more discoverable and better than others.


Connect your different posts


If you have posted many things and want to increase the ratings for different posts equally then interlinking is the best solution you have, you can interlink your posts and provide a good ranking for every post.


Proper usage of the keywords



Do a proper research of the keywords by any of the free tools from Google keywords search, MOZ or any other sites. Find a niche related keyword and use it in you are articles in different variations. Write a nice length article which is informative and engaging if you want some inspiration then use the tools like Article Spinner which can provide you the article to read and take an idea from.


Increasing the DA and PA


DA is Domain Authority and PA is Page Authority, you can use links of different high rating site in your posts to drive more traffic. When you set this connection with other sites, it will help you grow with them and make your ratings good too.


Best Meta titles and Meta descriptions


Article Spinner


If you are using WordPress or Wix than it would become really easy for you to change these little details like Meta titles and Meta descriptions. Write a compelling Meta title and description which will describe the content you have written in brief, for the description you can use 50-70 words.


Generate backlinks


There are many platforms which you can use to drive an audience to your site, use backlinks to drive more people to your site. Generating Backlinks is an art which you should start learning right now.

These are some of the amazing tips which you can use and increase the value of your site and become more discoverable to the people.

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